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The subscription Model

The subscription model for TraderAI involves users paying a recurring fee, in the form of a monthly or annual subscription, in order to access the features and services provided by the DAPP. The subscription fee will be paid using the token that is related to the project ($TraderAI).
Users will have different subscription plans, with different levels of access to the features and services provided by the DAPP. For example, a basic subscription plan will provide access to the master strategy and the ability to monitor and manage investments, while a premium subscription plan will provide additional features such as personalized investment advice or access to advanced analytics.
The tokens used for the subscription fee will be burnt, ensuring a deflationary effect on the main token ($TraderAI). The more users, the less circulating supply it will be.
Additionally, we will implement a performance-based subscription model, where users only pay a fee if they achieve a certain level of returns. This can align the interest of the DAPP and the users, as the DAPP will only be profitable if it is able to provide users with good returns.